Country of Birth and Age when Awarded for Best Actor/Actress Winners

Best Actor


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Country of Birth

Most winners of Best Actor and Best Actress awards were born in the United States of America.

Age Range

Most Oscar awards are given to actors and actress that are between 20 and 40.

Best Actress

Demographics of Oscar Winners from 1927 to 2014

Oscar Best Picture Winners

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Actors and actress nominees and winners over the years

Besides different awards from various cinematogrophy academia, people's opinion is also based on crowdsourcing and critics' ratings. One of the biggest datasource—Internet Movie Database (IMDb), where users streamline content online: everything from tryvia to reviews. So it is interesting to see how high was rating for nominees and winners according to IMDb. Is academia's choices synched with audience's?


Authors: Anthony Ngo, Daniel Hsu, Olga Khvan, Xioashi Dai

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