Let's Craft
an Oscar

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences annually gives out Academy Awards, more popularly known as Oscars, to films that have exemplified artistic and technical excellence. Some of the more revered awards are

  • Best Picture
  • Best Director
  • Best Actor/Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor/Actress
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Adapted/Original Screenplay

We believe there is a recipe for success for getting a film to win one of these Oscars. Scroll down to dive in and try it out!

Two speech bubbles representing dialgoue


Clapperboard representing director


Multi-colored arrows representing genres


Oscar award



The dialogue is the meat of your film. It's what gets your audience interested (or uninterested).

What percent of the lines should female characters speak?

Some examples of movies with a similar female dialogue percentage are:


The director determines how the story unravels before the audience's eyes. Directors also typically have recognizable filmmaking styles that differ from other directors. Let's pick who will direct your film!

What gender are they?

Male icon


Female icon



Film genres are associated with conventions, settings, narratives, characters, and actors. Often, films are bucketed into many different genres.

What genre is your film?

Action'POW!' represeting action genre
AdventureSwords and shield representing adventure genre
ComedyCry-laughing emoji representing comedy genre
CrimeHandcuffs representing crime genre
DramaHappy-sad masks representing drama genre
FamilyMan, woman, and child representing family genre
FantasyMagic wand representing fantasy genre
HistoryAncient column representing history genre
HorrorScary ghost representing horror genre
MusicMusical notes representing music genre
MusicalPerson singing representing musical genre
MysteryMagnifying glass representing mystery genre
RomanceRed heart representing romance genre
Sci-FiGreen alien representing sci-fi genre
SportBasketball representing sport genre
ThrillerBloody knife representing thirller genre
WarWar plane representing war genre
WesternCowboy hat representing western genre

Okay, now let's...

And the Oscar

goes to...